Giving Back to Our Community

Community Awareness & Advocacy:

Strong Referral Network/Supporting one another: Referring to individuals & businesses we trust who have integrity and we know will take good care of our clients and us. Supporting them to grow their business and what they love to do.

Animal Advocacy:

Most of our properties allow animals. We encourage our owners and show them value of allowing dogs/cats in the homes/families. We rescue & foster. We work with animal rescues: volunteering, fundraising, help to find homes, donate, spread the word, etc.

Eco Aware:

Offer and strongly encourage recycling on every property. Recycle materials to use - bringing plants & outdoor furniture...reusing when possible. Support gardens & composting on the properties. We recycle paper within our office and use recycled products.

Reinvesting in YOU:

Supporting residents who have a goal of becoming a homeowner, by supporting their needs whether it be renting from us until their credit is established and helping them find a home, or finding the right fit of owner and resident for seller financing opportunities.

Supporting owners by making their lives as stress free as possible, knowing that their investment is being taken care of and providing a lovely, safe & comforting home to another family!

We are creative in serving both our residents and owners in ways that make everyone happy.

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