Meet Us!

  • Elana Cohen, Broker
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  • Elana grew up in a family-owned business, graduated from the University of Tennessee with degrees in Psychology and Business and in the early part of her career was a corporate executive in Accounting & Financial Management for Taco Bell Corporation, American Funds & 3-D Bed & Bath.

    Elana left the corporate world to bring her skill set to the world of real estate, where she quickly became an investor, Broker and Property Manager. She prides herself on creating lasting relationships with satisfied tenants, clients, investors & businesses.

    Elana has a passion and love for dogs, with a particular draw to German Shepherds and is the proud Mom of two rescue dogs. She is married to a loving partner who shares her joy of yoga, healthy eating and for making home a place where the heart can truly blossom. Elana's philosophy is "there's no point, if it's not fun!"

Team of Handy Men, Contractors & Electricians

  • Jack (since 2004)
  • Phil (since 2001)
  • Lee (since 2010)

    Carpet Cleaning & Repair

  • Joe

    Best cleaning crew around!

  • Maricella, Ynes & Maribel (not pictured)

    Landscape Artist

  • Isedro

Human Resources Department

  • Houdini & Jayde
  • Responsible for keeping the team happy & for dealing with difficult people!

What we stand for...


Reliable and capable service that builds trust with our customers within an atmosphere of sound judgment for others to depend on.


We believe in leaving the world a little better than we found it by giving back to our community.


We believe that being direct, sincere and having integrity is the best way to nurture long-term relationships with our customers and each other.


A balanced life makes us more productive, happier and healthier.


We strive to create simple, delightful experiences for our customers and working environment -- we love our work!

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